Since ROI Unlimited’s launch in January 2011 the company has already catapulted to #12,256 most popular site out of 182 million websites on the Internet according to Alexa. (Alexa is the website that rates the popularity of all websites on the Internet) This is quite an accomplishment for any website that is barely 4 months old. The product that ROI Unlimited offers is a travel discount club which membership can access through the companies very own ROI Travel Portal where members will find huge savings available only on this site. They also plan to offer other high quality consumer products according to the company’s website. In addition, ROI Unlimited has introduced a never before seen compensation plan which incorporates a company wide “follow me”, ensuring a real team atmosphere and allowing even the new online entrepreneur to make a significant profit before they have to sponsor anyone on their own.

Judging from this information, it appears that ROI Unlimited has indeed created an opportunity that has removed many of the obstacles that prevent many people from earning money in their online business. Therefore, my conclusion is that this is certainly an opportunity that I would encourage anyone to seriously consider. Thanks for reading this information and I encourage you to strongly consider joining ROI Unlimited today and enjoy the benefits of having your own travel site and making money to pay for all those trips you have only dreamed of taking.

Seize the moment JOIN TODAY!!!

WELCOME ABOARD!! Welcome to the Team Jackie.

I would like to welcome Jacklyn Susan Meeker to the team. Her enthusiasm is boundless and her drive is just what our Team needs. We hope that ROI Unlimited will be as rewarding for her as it has for myself and the rest of the Team.

Our Team is growing on a daily basis and with this, checks keep rolling in for all our Team Members. It is so simple to Turn $250.00 into a stream of $5000.00 checks over and over and over again! Other team members are cycling all the time and it is a no-brainer you should JOIN ROI Unlimited TODAY then you will be receiving your own stack of checks.

In the very near future you will be seeing and hopefully reading Jackie’s very own, Network Marketing 5.0 ROI Unlimited site. Good Luck and all the best Jackie!

Team Member Cycles off Driver Board

Congratulations to Bob Wormuth from Venice, FL. for Cycling off the ROI Unlimited Driver Board while sponsoring 3 people.

For his efforts he will put $500 in his pocket! Bob is the 3rd person on our team to cycle off the Driver Board and also earn a free pre-paid spot on to the Accelerator Board. What number will you be? Join ROI Unlimited Today and the answer to that question is SOON!!

I am at the top of The Driver Board NOW and with the help of Network Marketing 5.0 and the recent addition of The ROI Unlimited “Pay It Forward” Program Cycling of this Driver Board should happen in Lightning pace. If you would to jump on board and SIGN UP FORM then fill in the Sponsors Email:
Sponsors Username:

Once again Congrats to Bob and I will see you on the Accelerator Board Soon!!

My friend, Team Member and author of Network Marketing 5.0, Matthew Janowski has said it best. Read this !

For all of you on the outside looking in, get ready for a shocker. ROI is implementing a ‘pay it forward’ program that promises to blow this whole thing out of the water.

When we leaders sign on to the ‘pay it forward’ program, we will in essence contribute a certain small portion of our cycle commission to sponsor those less fortunate than ourselves. Those newly sponsored people will be obligated (by signature) to pay it forward when they cycle.

In essence, our team will build perpetually. This is life-changing stuff that’s already piling on-top of other life changing stuff.

ROI Unlimited, in three months, has paid out over $2 million in commissions. Did you get that? $2 million.

For the nay sayers out there, how long can you possibly continue to hear about this before you join? It seems almost impossible to be that jaded. ROI was audited and received a clean bill of health. Nothing illegal and everything in perfect working order.

We have team members cycling for $20,000 at a whack. 20,000 life changing reasons to join today.

If $20,000 is just too much for you, can you handle $5,000 again and again and again?

For a one-time investment of $250 you can set yourself on the path to financial freedom if you would just release yourself from the same mental beat down you’ve imprisoned yourself in your entire life.

Let’s say for some reason this didn’t work for you. Is $250 going to send you to the bankruptcy lawyer?

With so little risk vs. such a great reward, I often sit in wide-eyed wonder as to how people can just sit by and watch as we succeed.

Contact me for more information or just take a look from the inside and join today.

ROI Unlimited has put together a system to help out less fortunate people and help get them back on track. Households all over are struggling to pay the Mortgage, fill their tanks at the Gas Pumps, pay the rising costs at the supermarket, rising utilities costs the list seems to be endless. NOW Step in ROI Unlimited, they have implemented a system called Pay It Forward which is very simple yet extremely powerful and has the potential to help 100′s of thousands of people worldwide.

We understand that not everyone has the ability to take advantage of opportunities that would help them out. So by creating the Pay it Forward program this opens up doors to people who otherwise would not have the ability or opportunity to change their current circumstances.

The last few years the world economy has suffered greatly and there are hundreds of thousands of people who need help getting back on their feet. This program was designed to have members of ROI Unlimited help out the less fortunate people who currently don’t have the means to make positive changes in their lives.

Complete explanation of the Pay It Forward program to be covered on the Tuesday night corporate conference call 1-218-632-1300 Pin 102154 @ 8:00PM. I would strongly advice you to try and be on the call and listen to the Founders themselves.

As of yesterday, over 900 people have signed up to participate. By just signing up you will be placed in a pool and when selected your enrollment fee will be paid for, how’s that for putting our money where our mouths are. In turn when you get your first and from then on every commission check you too will help someone, what a wonderful feeling. The “Pay It Forward” program is a powerful way to join and help so many folks. You will see first hand the power of team work. Pay It Forward is a perfect example that this company and it’s members have a true belief in wanting to help the over 6,000,000 people on this planet. Anyone can sign up family, friends, neighbors, church members, anyone……The power of ROI Unlimited and Network Marketing 5.0 together will be a driving force of unlimited success and potential financial stability to each and every household in the world.

For more information Listen to our Company Call on Tuesday Night at 8:00pm. This WILL be a life changing call.

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The ROI Unlimited Opportunity

A couple of absolutely brilliant individuals have devised a program where the efforts of all help everyone.

ROI Unlimited has pretty much changed the way I look at creating income streams online.
With a compensation plan created to both entice and make wealthy those wise enough to embrace it, there’s really no reason not to give this a whirl. For $250 you can enter the system, never sponsor a single person and still stand to rake in the cash.

Of course, doing nothing makes no sense after you join so Brian and Frank made sure those that sponsor get rewarded handsomly.

I literally watched the following compensation video five times before it really sunk in just how powerful this program is.

CLICK HERE to watch the video for yourself.

After you’ve taken a look, feel free to CLICK HERE to get more information about ROI Unlimited.

I am making available to all that join this FREE Network Marketing 5.0 Manual to build our team.

You can GO HERE to take a look at our team build and keep up-to-date on everything going on with our team build.

Below is an illustrative rendition of the ROI Unlimited compensation plan:

ROI Travel Portal

For everyone looking to obtain more information about ROI Unlimited, we offer you our Travel Portal Site. ROI Travel Portal let’s you see exactly what you’ll be saving on when you join ROI Unlimited.

Some of the savings are absolutely out of this world. Condo rentals that normally run around $2,500 a week at a place like Ocean City, MD on the east coast can be had for $950.

Deals like this can be found across the US and we’re just getting started. Take a look around and prove to yourself just how powerful our group has become after only 2 months.

After you see what we have to offer you can GO HERE and watch the video to take a look at the compensation plan.

I have a business building guide called Network-Marketing-50 that can assist you as you build your online business.

This hits it on the head!
This on-line product, Network Marketing 5.0 and company, ROI Unlimited teamed together will be the most powerful, successful on-line home business to ever come along.

Here is what Kandy had to say……
Have you ever dreamed of succeeding in a home business? For 20 years I have tried everything from selling health cookies to paying for websites that promised to make me money. Only to go deeper in debt and waste time that I will never get back. Does this sound like your story?
Living with the guilt of failing, and the never ending stress of bills I became overwhelmed. Earnestly seeking something that would relieve my pressure I came across ROI Unlimited. Soon realizing that this like everything else, wasn’t giving me any results. Continuing my seemingly hopeless search I came across Network Marketing 5.0. This wasn’t like anything I had ever seen before. It wasn’t dog eat dog, it was the training I had been needing to make a strong successful team. I found that the problem wasn’t ROI Unlimited, but rather my technique of marketing. In fact, ROI is the most team oriented network marketing business I had found, on top of that it was solidly built and didn’t have anything going on under the table.
So you wonder OK what’s the catch? How much is this going to cost me? Trust me I know, I’ve thought the same thing. Here’s the two words everyone in this economy wants to hear, its free. When I first heard that I couldn’t believe it. I knew it had to be a blessing from above.
I had always known, if I could just figure out what the guys at the top of this business do I could succeed, and here it was right in front of me.
I know that you are going to be just as excited about this marketing manual as I am. I would encourage you to read and reread everything, and watch all the video’s. You will be glad you did.
Come join our team, and lets make great success together…… “
Kandy Galbraith – ROI Unlimited

Thank you Kandy, and thank you Network Marketing 5.0 and ROI Unlimited.